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About Me

Welcome to the Dizzy Ozzy blog! I have been a teacher for 9 years teaching in a variety of primary classrooms.  Saskatchewan is my home, I was born and raised on the Canadian prairies!  I am also the proud TPT author of Dizzy Ozzy!

I am a passionate teacher that believes in helping other teachers to simplify their planning, so that time and energy can be spent focusing on those kiddos in the classroom. I love creating products that are engaging and exciting, helping students and teachers to love coming to school each and every day!

Outside of teaching, I am a very active person who enjoys many sports and outdoor recreational activities. I also love cleaning my house and organizing just about anything and everything!

Hello! Welcome to Dizzy Ozzy! We are passionate primary educators who believe in bringing the classroom to life with engaging lessons that instill a love of learning in all of our little friends! We hope that you enjoy visiting this blog to find ways to spice up your lessons, grab a few freebies, and to access resources that will inspire you to have a little fun in your class! We are so glad that you stopped by! Read More

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