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Halloween Activities in a Socially Distant Classroom

October 26, 2020 No Comments

Have you found yourself struggling to make a fun filled plan for Halloween activities in a socially distant classroom? Because I sure have! I am unable to do the same fun, thematic pumpkin activities and group stations (with parent volunteers) that I’ve done for years.

How do we play games in partners incorporating math and literacy? How do we count pumpkin seeds and then roast the seeds and share that yummy treat together? Pumpkin carving can’t happen in our classrooms this year so I’ve had to come up with a brand new plan for Halloween activities and I’d love to share it with you!

Here are a few socially distant/COVID friendly Halloween activities I will be doing in my classroom this year, hopefully you can find some you may like for your classroom too!

Socially Distant Halloween Activities

Halloween Bingo: Halloween themed bingo, easy to prep and who doesn’t love Bingo?! You can find a FREE Halloween Bingo resource in the Dizzy Ozzy TPT store.

Directed Drawing: Check out ‘Art for Kids Hub’ on YouTube. I’ve been using ‘Art for Kids Hub’ for years in my classroom. This YouTube channel offers directed drawings for kids, and there are tons to choose from! Search for a Halloween themed video and away your kids go on a great little independent art project! *Tip: Have your students call out “Pause” at any point in the video when they need a minute to catch up. This helps everyone stay cool as a cucumber while drawing as some parts can be a bit fast paced for students with fine motor difficulties.*

Playdough Mats: Maybe you already have a pack of playdough for every student, maybe you spend an hour making homemade playdough (make it orange of course! 😉 ) OR… my personal favorite: have a parent volunteer to make the playdough and send it to school before Friday (then it has sat for 24-48hrs before students touch it). Every student gets their own handful of playdough and creates Halloween characters/items. You can find adorable playdough mats on TPT, these ones pictured below are my favorite from Coffee Fueled Classroom. Laminate them so they can be sanitized in between each student use.

From Coffee Fueled Classroom

Halloween Emergent Reader: It’s early in the year and those little Kinders and Firsties need all the good fit books they can get! Incorporate an emergent reader into student reading bags, book boxes etc. I found this Halloween emergent reader for free on TPT and it incorporates number sense as well! This resource could even be used as 2 “stations”, count and color and then on the rotation they practice reading it fluently!

Mystery Science: is an engaging and FREE website with interactive science lessons for K-5. Sign up and you can access the lessons for free for a full year! There are Halloween mysteries available right now that take little prep and are very engaging for students. Choose between a lesson on bats, skeletons, pumpkins or bugs for your Halloween science activity.

Need more Halloween activities?

Our Mega Halloween Bundle is discounted to $8.00 in our TPT store filled with:

  • Literacy Activities like the memory match game students can play independently!
  • Math Word Problems
  • Halloween Bingo
  • and more!

Halloween activities in your classroom may not look the same as other years but with a little creative jump to something new and exciting, we can still make it a great and fun filled Halloween for our kiddos!

Happy Halloween!

-Dizzy Ozzy

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